Snowcoach Tours in Yellowstone National Park

A Yellowstone Expeditions Van Conversion
Our Snow Van Conversions

The roadways within the interior of Yellowstone National Park are not plowed during the winter season. In order to travel to the scenic destinations around the park, Yellowstone Expeditions uses tracked 10 passenger vans.

The normal wheels and axles of a standard passenger van are removed and in their place is attached a track conversion kit. This allows for the comfort of a modern van with an interior heater, large viewing windows, comfortable ride, and low noise level in an over-snow situation. All over-snow vehicular travel in Yellowstone Park is restricted to the unplowed roadways.

If you would like to explore the backcountry, Yellowstone Expeditions also offers guided cross country ski excursions from the Yellowstone Yurt Camp.


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Yellowstone Expeditions is an authorized concessioner of the National Park Service.