Yellowstone Expeditions

What's New at Yellowstone Expeditions

We have a new Restroom Facility at camp: Brian, Elijah, and Laura spent the fall of 2016 building a new restroom at camp. The restroom is still a vault toilet type restroom but has a lot more room and is cleaner, better lit, and has less "smell". The facility has two restrooms, a shower, and storage.

The restroom is lit by LED lights powered by solar panels. We still have outdoor lamp-oil lights to illuminate the path to the bathroom. A rocking chair on the porch is the next addition!

Our new restroom at the Yurt Camp

We have a new Yurts at camp: We purchased new yurts in the fall of 2018 that were manufactured by Pacific Yurts, located in Cottage Grove, Oregon. We could barely fit the two yurts (a 20-ft diameter yurt for the kitchen and a 24-ft diameter yurt for the dining room) onto the truck and trailer to bring them back to Yellowstone. Brian and Piper spent that fall constructing the yurts at the Skier's Camp in Yellowstone.

Our new Yurts

We also have a new Sauna at camp: We built a new sauna during the summer of 2018. The sauna has a new propane sauna heater made by Scandia that keeps the stove room as hot as we like. The sauna has a changing room as well as a small porch for those who like to sit outside to cool off.

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